Below is the complete list of the current classes supported by the VSKC,

each class is Motorsport Australia accredited and can compete at all three levels of competition: Club, State and National.


250cc International



The premier Superkarting class. 250cc International class is very similar to the National class, the main difference being, the 250cc Internationals or 'twins' use twin cylinder engines, either from a GP motorcycle or specific Superkart engines, with six speed gearboxes. These engines are very much designed for performance, with power now in excess of 90bhp, these engines are fitted to a longer and wider chassis than other classes.  The class features minutely adjustable chassis, four wheel disc brakes, full aerodynamic bodywork. Advanced features, like 'no-lift shift', adjustable brake bias and full data logging are becoming the norm on the front running machines.


Top Speed: 240km/h





250cc National


Being Similar to the 'twins' means the 250cc National class is also regarded as a high-performance racing machine. Using single cylinder 250cc water cooled engine, these karts have up to 60bhp with similar chassis and in some cases identical chassis to its bigger brother, this class offers similar cornering and handling characteristics with less engine power. In Victoria racing numbers aren't as high as other classes, but with numbers increasing every year, this class is getting stronger and stronger.


Top Speed: 210km/h 



125cc Open







There are two classes of 125cc gearbox kart, the first (Open) is fitted with a 125cc GP Motorcycle engine, the most popular of which being the Honda RS125  however in this class you are not limited to brand or tuning modifications.

With their 6 speed gearboxes and full aerodynamic bodywork, these little machines are still lightning fast often creeping towards the 200km/h mark.











The second 125cc gearbox kart is the Stock Honda which uses a CR125 Honda engine.

Chassis type, bodywork and engines are very controlled to minimize the cost associated with racing. For the budget conscious racer that wants to run a gearbox kart, this class deserves more than a second look.

There's even a push button start option available.


Top Speed: 190km/h




125cc Rotax Max (non gearbox)





This is the 'entry level' to superkarting utilizing the FR125 Rotax Max engine, competitors enjoy a controlled class with no engine modifications allowed, allowing each driver to have equal equipment at a reduced cost. This engine does not have a gearbox, instead it utilizes a centrifugal clutch, this means racers concentrate on learning the perfect line and maintaining corner speed to achieve fast lap times. The engine as chassis rules are very similar to those of the AKA, this allows sprint karters to easily setup there kart for superkarting, with only a few slight changes, like gearing and a rain light required. 

The Rotax Max engine is used in four different classes: Senior Light, Senior Heavy, Senior Super Heavy and Junior Max.

The Junior class uses a modified version of the senior engine that is not fitted with an engine power valve, this decrease the power making the engine safer for the younger age group.  Juniors are aged 12 to 16.


Top Speed: 175km/h





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