Executive Committee Members



Jeff Duckworth


e mail Jeff


PH: 0417398626

Vice President


Oliver Bonaccorso


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Club Secretary


Jeremy Crust


e mail Jeremy


PH: 0410342570


Robert Strah


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PH: 0432 106 989

Immediate Past President


Shane Varley



Committee Members

Lee Filliponi


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Evan Fuller


e mail Evan

Colin McItyre


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Rod Clarke


e mail Rod


PH: 0408358357

Jarrod Lethborg


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PH: 0402392909


David Byrne


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Rolf Greve


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MEMBERSHIP ENQUIRIES: David Byrne.  e mail David  

Not sure who to e mail? then send it to vskc@tpg.com.au and we will forward it on.

Like to talk to someone about our Club and racing? Several committee members (listed above) are available.

Unsolicited sales calls or e mails are not welcome.



Peter Andrews, John Bakker, Jean Bellenger, Jodie & Rod Clarke, Doug Downs, Lee Filliponi, Evan Fuller, Jenny Gardner, Rolf Greve, Mike Mc Crudden,

Annette Mason,Andrew Mathers,  Pam & Gary Pegoraro, Noeline Roberts, Darren Tyler, Nola & Graeme Williams, Peter Woodgate.



The Victorian Superkart club's registration number is: A0010012V and is affiliated with Motorsport Australia