Below is a complete list of all tracks that the Club currently race at in Victoria



Winton Motor Raceway



Winton Motor Raceway is a 3.0km circuit in national configuration and a 2.03km circuit in Club configuration located near Benalla just off the Hume Highway, Victoria. The circuit has been established for over 40 years and host Motorcycle, Motor Car and Superkart racing as well as having vehicle product testing facilities.

Circuit Map

National Circuit

Lap Records:
N.G.B. Light - Sanuja Perera: 1.28.5322

N.G.B. Heavy JohnathonTwigden:1.29.9239

N.G.B Super Heavy Joe Brancati:1.33.8967

N.G.B. Junior - Jesse Fenech: 1.36.4447

Stock Honda - Brad Tremain:1.27.9662

125cc Open - Brad Tremain: 1.23.8116
250cc National - Tim Clarke: 1.22.3559
250cc International - Tim Clarke:1.20.0707


CLUB Circuit

Lap Records:
N.G.B. Light - Ben Castles: 1.01.613

N.G.B. Heavy - Mike Godsell: 1.03.2202
N.G.B. Junior -
Brad Jenner 1:04.2642

Stock Honda - Tim Clarke: 59.2282

125cc Open - Darren Dunn: 58.5640
250cc National -
Rod Prickett: 57.7061
250cc Inter -
Matt Bass: 56.1287


Phillip Island Raceway




Originally opened in 1956, the 4.5km circuit is now home to a variety of action packed Motorsport including the  MotoGP, Australian Superbikes, V8 Supercars and the Shannon's Nationals
The smooth curves and super fast straight of this unique track are strung along some of the most breathtaking coastline on the Island with rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and ocean to horizon.

Perfect for a superkart.
Circuit Map


Lap Records:
125cc Rotax Light -
Doug Savage: 1:52.6210

N.G.B.Heavy - Matt Hall: 1:55.8499

N.G.B. Super Heavy - Cameron Austen: 1:59.7395
N.G.B. Junior -
Quintin Slabbert
: 1:58.8128

Stock Honda - Nathan Pryor: 1:47.8663

125cc Open - Nick Schembri: 1:40.4167
250cc National -
Jordan Ford: 1:35.5485
250cc International -
Russell Jamieson: 1:28.4199


Calder Park




Calder Park's facilities include a 1.83km NASCAR circuit, 400m Drag Strip, 1.45 Club Circuit and a 2.28 National Circuit. Superkart Racing is conducted on the National Circuit. This legendary track features a long straight, tricky S-bends and challenging late braking corners.  The classic grandstand and enclosed viewing area provide a panoramic view of the entire track.

Calder Park is located on the Calder Freeway 25km north-west of Melbourne


Lap Records:

N.G.B. Light - Sanuja Perera 1:08.4393

N.G.B. Heavy - Bobby Jane 1:10.7434

N.G.B. Super Heavy - Cameron Austen 1:13.0417
N.G.B. Junior -
James Allen 1:11.1549

Stock Honda - James Strah 1:07.5166

125cc Open - Darren Dunn: 1:02.5603
250cc National -
Jason McIntyre: 1:01.9180
250cc International -
Tony Rath: 58:7455



Sandown Raceway




The Motor Circuit is 3.1km in circumference, and features 13 turns. One of the key features of the circuit is an exciting back straight which leads into a very fast entry into Dandenong Road corner.
Located 25km east of the CBD of Melbourne on Princes Highway.


Lap Records:
N.G.B. Light -
Russ Occhipinti: 1.31.0561

N.G.B. Heavy - Rod Clarke: 1.33.6648
N.G.B. Junior - Zach Jones: 1:36:3716

125cc Open - TBA
250cc National -
250cc International -








The Broadford Road Circuit is a unique track carved into the Victorian countryside 2.16 km in length. Designed by people with passion and love for racing. It provides a range of technical corners (12), amazing elevation changes and fantastic flowing sections. We like to think of it as a mini Bathurst. Once you’ve driven it, you’ll want to come back again and again!


Lap Records:
N.G.B. Light -
Sanuja Perera: 1:00.

N.G.B. Heavy- Jarrod Lethborg: 1:02.1820

N.G.B. Super Heavy - Joe Brancati: 1:04.4929

N.G.B. Rotax Junior - Ayrton Filippi: 1:04.5096

Stock Honda - Tim Clarke: 1:00.6131

125cc Open - Nick Schembri: 57.47.63
250cc National -
Jordan Ford: 57.1784
250cc International -
Tim Clarke: 0:55.2237. Also outright fastest lap.





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